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Drums XD is a serious tool for anyone interested in playing Drums on the iPad.

Create and customize your own sets using our unique interface design.  Drag & Drop instruments, backgrounds, add-ons & music directly onto your set.  With help from Music Teachers, Drummers and Hobbyists We've added the features YOU want.  From MIDI to importing your own sounds, you won't find another app that grows with you like Drums XD.

"Your set, Your way"
✔ Build new sets from scratch. Mix and match from any kit.
✔ Arrange, size, rotate & tune instruments for speed and style.
✔ Drag & Drop instruments, backgrounds & add-ons.
✔ Rock, Country, Jazz, Electronic, Acoustic, Studio, Hip-Hop & more.

"Visually Stunning"
✔ Select from many different backgrounds.
✔ Add effects such as virtual sticks and touch-waves.
✔ Gallery lets you display, save and choose your set creations.
✔ Lighting effects like Strobe, Disco Ball and smoke.
✔ Increased graphic resolution for the New iPad.

"Jam with music"
✔ Build playlists of tracks from your music library.
✔ Play along with pre-recorded loops.
✔ With Touch-Start, your queue plays only when you're ready.
✔ Metronome with adjustable volume, tempo and measure.

"Adjust for that perfect sound"
✔ Reverb, Echo, Flanger effects and more.
✔ Customize volume, panning and pitch of each instrument.
✔ Mix music, set, metronome and instruments for a perfect sound.
✔ Auto-pan directs the audio of instruments based on location.
"Huge Instrument Library"
✔ Toms, Snares, Kicks, Hi-Hats, Rides, Splashes, Crash and more.
✔ Timbales, Congas, Bongos, Gongs & China Cymbals.
✔ Amazing Steel Drum.
✔ Vibraphone allows you to create a Note Scalable instrument.
✔ Shakers, cowbells, tambourine, triangles,  & world percussion.

"Amazing Dynamics & Playability"
✔ Fast response time.
✔ realPlay adjusts volume, pitch, tone and more for realistic sessions.
✔ Multi-Zone Hi-Hats, Snares with rim-shots, Cymbals & more.
✔ The harder you tap the louder the instrument plays.
✔ Pieces respond to rolls, strums or flicks.
✔ Two Finger Choke.
✔ Amazing, Automatic Paradiddle Rolls.

"Record and Play with others"
✔ Share Recordings via Email, AudioCopy2 or SoundCloud.
✔ Inter-app audio support via Audiobus.
✔ FaceBook, Twitter & Foursquare sharing with SoundCloud.
✔ Paste your sessions into GarageBand.
✔ MIDI In/Out Support.
✔ Control Apps like BeatMaker.
✔ Use Drums XD as a brain for some Electronic Drum Sets.
✔ Sonoma AudioCopy & AudioPaste Support.
✔ Import your own sounds via WIFI.

Demonstration Video

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